Greenway Ambassador Rob Dexter points out sights on the East Coast Greenway in downtown Hartford, CT, near the bike/pedestrian bridge over the Connecticut River

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How to use the East Coast Greenway mapping tool


The Greenway is composed of a 3,000-mile spine route, Key West north to the Canadian border in Maine, along with a number of complementary routes offering additional scenic options in Virginia, Rhode Island to Cape Cod, and in Maine.

Watch the short video below to learn how to plot a trip on the East Coast Greenway via our web-based mapping tool and then:

  • download a gpx file (down arrow in image at right) that you can then upload to Garmin or other device,

  • create a URL to share your route (link icon) with others via email or text,

  • and/or download a PDF of turn-by-turn cue sheets (printer icon) that you can share and print.

Important note: Remember to click "enter" or "return" after typing in your starting and ending locations.

Special note: Depending on the exact location of start/end points selected, the map may provide navigation along the spine route or a complementary route. When choosing beginning and end points, you may need to break the request into smaller segments or nudge your starting or end points to the north or south a bit to receive navigation along the section you are interested in. 

For navigation on the go, we recommend using the East Coast Greenway map on a third-party mobile app such as or Ride with GPS. Such apps allow you to navigate without needing an Internet connection once you have downloaded maps for the area where you are traveling and you have uploaded the Greenway route file.

To download a KML file of our entire route for a mobile app such as, go to Use the download link in the lower right hand corner of the page and choose the file option specified by your app (SHP, GEO/JSON, KML, etc). 

Find our web-based mapping tool at — or click the button below.

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Quick tutorial: How to use our online map tool

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