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The Greenway follows the Coastal Georgia Greenway through the state's six coastal counties. The route links historic and cultural sites, waterways, and natural habitats.

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The route through Georgia follows the Coastal Georgia Greenway, connecting South Carolina to Florida through Georgia’s six coastal counties. The network links towns, attractions, recreational sites, historic and cultural sites, waterways, and natural habitats of the coast.

The Greenway will follow various north-south routes, including the U.S. Highway 17 corridor, abandoned rail corridors, and historic canal corridors, from which visitors can sample coastal imagery. Most of the Georgia route is still on road, but a growing number of volunteers and municipal officials are working diligently to make this trail a reality.

Please note: To cross between Georgia and Florida across the St. Marys River, as an alternative to riding Highway 17, touring cyclists can:

  • call Amelia River Cruises, 904-261-9972, to secure a chartered ferry (best for groups, due to cost) or
  • call Camden Bicycle Center, 912-576-9696, for an on-road "ferry" (shopping at the bike store encouraged).

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May 26, 2018

Hugging the coast, weeks 2 & 3: Georgia and the Carolinas

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