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Washington D.C.

The Greenway route through our nation's capital is scenic, passing monuments on the National Mall before crossing the Potomac River to Virginia.

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Current Progress

The East Coast Greenway enters the District of Columbia from the north at the Prince George’s County line in Brentwood, Maryland. From there the route is on roadways until it connects with the Met Branch Trail, which takes you to Union Station. 

From Union Station, travelers will proceed to the National Mall. The Mall takes trail users west to the Memorial Bridge and the Potomac River crossing to Virginia, connecting with the scenic Mount Vernon Trail. 

We're working with the Washington Area Bicyclists Association and the Capital Trails Coalition to develop a well-coordinated trail network throughout the D.C. area, including gaps in the Greenway route.


Washington, D.C. Contacts

Designated Trails in Washington, D.C.

Mileage counts reflect the portion of each trail that is part of East Coast Greenway.

  • Met Branch Trail; 2 mi

  • National Mall Path; 2 mi

  • Lincoln Memorial to Arlington Memorial Bridge, 0.3 mi

  • Arlington Memorial Bridge, 0.4 mi


dc anacostia riverwalk trail
Approach to a bridge on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail in Washington, D.C.

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