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New Hampshire

Currently the Greenway follows the scenic New Hampshire Seacoast Greenway, hugging the Atlantic coast with continuous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually the route will travel the former Boston and Maine Railroad corridor.

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The section of the East Coast Greenway that runs through New Hampshire is also known as the New Hampshire Seacoast Greenway. Travelers enter New Hampshire from the north along a road-separated walkway over the Memorial Bridge. From there, the interim 20-mile route stays on the road, hugging closely to the coast and offering continuous views of the Atlantic Ocean.

When complete, the New Hampshire spine route will total 16 miles, virtually all of it using the corridor of the Boston and Maine Railroad from Seabrook to Portsmouth. The railroad right-of-way crosses into Massachusetts, where advocates are working to turn it into a greenway. The southernmost portion of this right-of-way (4.5 miles) was acquired by New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation. The northern section (11.5 miles) is owned by Guilford Industries/Pan Am Railways, which is negotiating the sale of the land to the state of New Hampshire for conversion to trail.

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